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Tuition and fees

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  • All prices are based per student.

  • Studio Registration Fee: $20 per family

  • Additional students from the same family receive a 10% discount

  • Single Lessons Drop-In Rate: $12.00

  • Costume fees: $40-$65 per class


There are 3 easy ways to choose tuition payments: MONTHLY, ANNUALLY, or SINGLE CLASSES. If you pay ANNUALLY, you will receive one month free if paid by August 16. The regular ANNUAL tuition payment is due in full by September 2nd. Unpaid ANNUAL accounts will automatically be changed to a MONTHLY account. Every new season, there is a one-time registration fee that amounts to $25 per student. Please inquire about our discounted tuition rates for family members living in the same household. No refunds will be given for missed lessons; however, students are welcome to attend “make-up” classes for lessons missed. The MONTHLY tuition rate is the same regardless of the varied number of weeks in a month. TUITION is due on the 7th day of every month. You can 1.) Register online and set up auto-payments 2.) Contact our staff to set up your account for you. If a payment is late or check returned, there is a $10 late fee added to the account. We do not issue refunds.

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