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Teaching philosophy

Exceptional Training

Our curriculum represents the best elements from the Royal Academy, Vaganova, Horton, Luigi, and Giordano. It promotes outcome-based results that emphasize technical standards.

All of our classes are of manageable size where each student receives individual attention.

The faculty of Dance Studio B believes that experiencing how to audition and how to perform are key components to a dancer's learning process. We put our students through these situations by giving them a safe environment to practice and succeed. 

Healthy Dancers Are a Priority

Dance is an amazing form of exercise for children and adults. Whether one is dancing for fun or with aspirations of a career within the field of dance, all students are susceptible to aches and pains as well as other forms of injury.

Dance Studio B promotes the following preventative measures to sustain a dancer's health:

  • Emphasis of correct technique and body alignment

  • Identification of potential anatomical risk by kinesiological awareness

  • All classes begin with a warm up and end in a cool down

  • Formal evaluations for pointe work readiness

  • Lectures on injury prevention and cross training programs

It is our firm belief that dancers should be taught by qualified faculty that follow tried and true curriculum practices.


Please contact us at (307) 287-9413 to learn more about our youth and adult programs. Please also feel free to schedule a visit to drop by our location at 1730 East Custer St. 

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