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Cinderella Cast List May 20 & 21, 2022


Cinderella: Bella Bustos

    Understudy: Delilah Dixon

Young Cinderella: Summer Tyser and Jaycie Clark

Mother/The Fairy: Olivia Bowers

    Understudy: Ellu Pannell

Step Mother: Carson Heaney

    Understudy: Gracie Zhang

Step Sister Anastasia: Ruby Homer-Wambeam

    Understudy: Mackenzie Hilton

Step Sister Drizella: Jessi Ellis

    Understudy: Mackenzie Hilton

Prince Charming: Elio Shuman

Fall Fairy: Ellu Pannell

    Understudy: Ellery Pannell

Winter Fairy: Gracie Zhang

    Understudy: Keegan Huston

Spring Fairy: Delilah Dixon

    Understudy: Ellery Pannell

Summer Fairy: Mackenzie Hilton

    Understudy: Avery Heise

Jaq Mouse: Delilah Dixon

Gus Mouse: Jessi Ellis


Contemporary II Company B: Invitation to the Ball/The Royal Criers

Adv. Ballet I (Mon): Villagers

Tap III: Butlers at the Ball/Palace Footmen

Ballet IV: Court Dancers

Tap II: Horses/Carriage to Ball 

Ballet II (Tues.): Hors d’oeuvres Waiters at Ball

Ballet III/Pointe (Tues.): Court Dancers

    Soloists: Ellery Pannell, Keegan Huston, Avery Heise

Rotating Styles I: Prince’s Fencers

Ballet I (Wed.): Does the Shoe Fit? 

Jazz III/IV: Midnight Clock

Jazz II: Dress Makers and Assistants

Adv. Ballet II (Thurs.): Slipper Maidens

Modern III/IV: Mannequins

Heels: Does the Shoe Fit?

Hip Hop I: Cindy’s Soapy Suds

Hip Hop II: Court Jesters

Hip Hop III: Prince and Friends/Prince’s Retinue Member

Creative: Cinderella’s Mice Friends + Jaq and Gus

Contemporary III/IV: End Scene Shoe Does Fit