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Laramie, WY 82070

(307) 287-9413





Wizard of Oz

Ruby Homer-Wambeam: Aunt Em

Daye Waldner: Miss Gulch

Olivia Bowers: Glinda

Jessi Ellis: Wicked Witch of the West

Kaylee Gardner: Dorothy

TBD: Professor Marvel & Wizard of Oz

Molly DeMello: Hunk/Scarecrow

Leila Johnson: Zeke/Cowardly Lion

Scarlett Chavez: Hickory/Tin Man


Contemporary II/III: Emerald City Girls

Ballet I/Tap I (Monday): Munchkins

Tap II: Tin Man Tappers

    Tap Soloists: Rhys Birdsley, Delilah Dixon, Mackenzie Hilton, Delaney Suloff

Ballet II (Tuesday): Crows in the Cornfield

    Ballet Soloists: Katherine Blackburn, Addy Cook, Nora Markham

Pointe I/II: Sign

    Kierra (Witch’s Castle), Charlotte (Yellow Silk Road), Lovely (Emerald City), Reed (Poppy Field), Cadence (Haunted Forest)

Ballet III: Glinda’s Snow

    Ballet Soloists: Reed Boyer, Bella Bustos, Ellu Pannell, Gracie Zhang

Pointe III: Yellow Silk Road

Creative II: Lollipop Guild

Ballet I/Tap I (Wednesday): Cornfield

Jazz III: Witch’s Fire

Jazz I/Contemporary I: Kansas Farmhands 

Ballet II (Thursday): Sleepy Poppies

    Ballet Soloists: June Mason, Sofia Mellizo, Ellery Pannell, Bailey Smith


Jazz II: Twister/Cyclone

    Jazz Soloists: Eleanor Shuman, Carson Heaney

Modern III/IV: Professor Marvel’s Fortune Tellers

Hip Hop I: Lion & Tigers-Bears… Oh My!

Hip Hop II: Flying Monkeys

    Soloists: Dylan Cover, Delilah Dixon, Lovely Plant, Eli Plumb, Henry Shuman

Hip Hop III: Apple Orchard

Creative I: Lullaby League

Contemporary IV: Rainbow